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Environmental Sustainability

Skiddaw House is completely off-grid!

Wood Supply

We use solar panels to generate electricity. This powers the downstairs low voltage lighting, but we don't have any electric sockets, so therefore there are no electric kettles or microwaves either.  


Composting & waste recycling, tree-planting in the hostel woodland and minimising the number of vehicle journeys all help to reduce the hostel's environmental impact.

Our Heating is provided by wood-burning stoves.  Most of our wood comes from our own tree plantation in the grounds of Skiddaw House.

Sheep's wool insulation is embedded into the walls to keep the heat in.  

Wood burning stove
Hot Water Bottles

The bedrooms are fully carpeted and although there is no heating in the bedrooms, there are warm cosy duvets and plenty of extra blankets and hot water bottles for use.

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