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Skiddaw House Supporters
Skiddaw House is an enterprise hostel; affiliated to the YHA yet independently run and funded.
It is supported by the Skiddaw House Foundation (Charity No. 1119402), a charitable trust committed to maintaining, improving and extending the use of Skiddaw House in an environmentally sympathetic way.
The work of this charity is vital to the longevity of the hostel; although the location is fantastic, the weather can be pretty challenging and this combined with the age of the building mean that constant maintenance is required.

Donate to the Skiddaw House Foundation


Every penny that you donate will go towards the upkeep and will help preserve Skiddaw House for both the present and future generations.
Previous work achieved through donations and grants:
  • The installation of solar panels. 
  • Sheep's wool wall insulation.
  • A new shower and toilet.
  • General maintenance including re-roofing the building.
​There are still many improvements that could be made, such as fitting double glazing on the bedroom windows upstairs. 
If you would like to contact the Skiddaw House Foundation, please email:



Join one of the winter volunteering weekends, which involve decorating and maintenance jobs at the hostel with a small group of volunteers. Or run the hostel yourself for a couple of days in summer.
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please email

Volunteers Painting
Volunteers Tidying Up
Volunteer Painting
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